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Hudson  cars  and  parts  for  sale

Hudson cars, parts, literature or memorabilia for sale can be listed on this page.  This service is offered at no charge to Gateway Chapter members.  Non-member items may also be listed if they are posted or sponsored by a member.  To list items for sale, please e-mail your contact information along with an item list to

Miscellaneous Hudson parts for sale that I have collected over time. I have stripped parts from rusty Hudsons for years.  Now I need to sell my warehouse and it's full of mostly step-down parts and some 40’s items. Not much NOS, mostly body sheet metal and engine, transmission and rear end assemblies. Lots of starter – generator assemblies. Some stainless trim.  New Old Stock Gasket sets. Also includes several vehicles.  $15000 for all. Warehouse is 30 miles north of downtown St. Louis, MO.  Call for more information.
Roger Tallent 636-448-3878,


1937 Hudson Six two door sedan.  Car is not currently running but it probably wouldn't take much to get it running.  Asking $10000.  Contact Jeff for details 618-980-5004


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